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After a long, cold winter, who doesn’t look forward to a beautiful new season of warmer weather and  fresh colors.  Spring!  It’s a time to be inspired, refreshed, and to focus on perking up your style.


One of the most exciting aspects of the spring season is the inspiration that comes from new hair and color trends on the fashion runways.   Even if you aren’t ready to take your hair for a walk on the wild, adventurous side of the haute couture fashion world, you can still borrow and modify ideas from the world’s best designers and create your own signature look.   

Some of the most popular hair style and hair color trends for 2014 include:

BRAIDS:  Braids are even more popular this year than last, and more versatile than ever.   They have been seen on several fashion catwalks and can be worn in a multitude of ways from messy Bohemian side braids to two or three tiny accent braids worn with long, flowing hair styles.  One of the most popular trends this year is the “milkmaid braid” which features a single braid wrapped once around the head for a look that has echoes of the Renaissance period.

COLOR:  “Sombre” is this year’s updated version of ombre color.  It’s a more natural looking technique where the gradation of color is not as extreme.   The tones and shades that are used for sombre hair color are very similar, going from light to dark with a subtle and less contrasting transition.  Seen on celebrities such as Natalie Portman, this look is fabulous for brunettes.

Other color trends that are popular for 2014 include the migration of blondes away from warm golds to iced-out, almost silvery hues.  If you've got a pale, cool skin tone, the new blonde tones are perfect for your skin color.    Warm brunettes are moving towards cool chestnuts with icy brown-toned highlights, and rose gold is absolutely huge this year.  Rose gold is a mix of copper and apricot tones that give the average strawberry blonde a totally new dimension.  This color looks amazing with a light-medium complexion, and really makes blue and green eyes pop.   At iLLustria Salon in Milwaukee, our L'Oreal color formulas can be customized just for you to give you color that is not only on trend, but that also strengthens and nourishes your hair at the same time. 

ACCESSORIES:  Accessories are quick additions that can instantly add whimsy, glamour, drama, or a flirtacious edge to your style.   Several hot accessory trends this year are leather, flowers, and gold.   Gold pins and barrettes, leather headbands and wraps for ponytails, and small iridescent flowers tucked into braids and upstyles have been spotted among the fashion collections of all the top designers this season.   If you feel like you are stuck in the style doldrums, shop for a few (or more than a few!) accent pieces that can take your hair on a little adventure every day.


Aside from summer, winter offers some of the toughest challenges for your hair.  Lack of humidity, frigid temperatures and indoor heating can sap your strands of moisture, leaving them dry, brittle and desperately begging for tender, loving care.     Here’s how to give your hair a boost so that it looks amazing for Spring.

Schedule an appointment at our hair salon for a haircut to remove damaged, split and dry ends.  Even if you are trying to grow your hair out to a nice long length, it is beneficial to have just the damaged tips of your hair removed.  This will keep split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and causing even greater damage to your hair.  

Think of a  L’oreal Powerdose treatment as a super intensive therapy for your hair.   One treatment repairs damage, adds shine, and restores the health and manageability of your tresses.   If your locks have lost their shine and are showing signs of stress and damage, you’ll be amazed at the results.   Deep, targeted nourishment for all hair types is available.

Spring can be one of the best seasons of the year to try a new hair color.   A color glaze or demi-permanent color can be applied over your existing color to add a gorgeous new hue.  The beauty of a demi/semi permanent color or color glaze is that the color will gradually fade over time so there is no root touch up to worry about.   After the color has faded you can return to our salon for another glaze application, try a new shade, or go back to your natural color.   It’s a no commitment, low-maintenance way to get a gorgeous shade that you will love. 


At iLLustria Salon in Milwaukee, you'll find a team of highly trained stylists well-versed in the latest trends for 2014, and in all the best techniques for giving you beautiful, strong, healthy hair.  Make an appointment today and let us show you how amazing you can look!


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