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Introducing an new way to temporarily color your hair…..


Want to revel in gorgeous temporary hair color with no commitment?   With L’Oreal’s new Hair Chalk, your hair can have a vivid splash of color one day and then you can return to your normal color and style the next!    L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk comes in five bold, show-stopping shades and three more subtle, sophisticated tones that can be applied to your hair in much the same way as you would apply makeup, by simply rubbing it on.   The eight shades consist of Sweet Sixteen Pink, First Date Violet, Blue Ocean Cruise, Garden Party, Coral Sunset, Bronze Beach, Coffee Break & Black Tie, and each shade looks bold and amazing on both blondes and brunettes.  The chalk is a great option for creating a temporary colored ombre effect, adding bold stripes or patterns for a sporting event, or for accenting a pretty braid on a Sunday afternoon.     When you are ready to return to normal, the color simply washes out with shampoo.    We guarantee you’ve never had this much fun coloring your hair.  Make an appointment today to try out hair chalk, one of the hottest runway trends this year!




TIP OF THE MONTH:  How do you get amazing hair color? 

Our stylists share professional advice below for getting results you’ll love every time.  



Not all hair color formulas are created equally.  Just like any other work of art, for the best color results, you need to begin with a high quality product.   If you’ve ever had your hair colored with a heavy ammonia-laden  formula, you’re probably well acquainted with the itchy, burning sensation and  discomfort that irritates your scalp and you’ve no doubt experienced the inevitable effects of damage to your hair afterwards.   If you’ve been down this road, we recommend choosing an ammonia-free color such as INOA by L’Oreal.    Instead of ammonia, INOA has an unscented, alkaline base which means that you never again have to experience an unpleasant odor or scalp discomfort.   
Another plus is that INOA  infuses your hair with 6 weeks of targeted nutrition, deep hydration, and superior shine.   In laboratory testing (after 9 applications),  INOA colored hair remained just as smooth as before color was applied, and the hair's natural protective layer remained undamaged.  Pretty impressive!  You get fabulous color and stronger, healthier hair.  We highly recommend this product, and our guests have loved the results.  



Analyzing your skin tone is one of the key elements to consider when choosing a new hair color.  When you choose a color that complements your skin tone, the result is a WOW!    

  * If your skin color is olive, choose a color that is cooler rather than warmer.  Ebony browns, mocha browns or colors with violet undertones can be perfect for olive colored skin.  

  * If your complexion is rosy or reddish, stay away from reds, auburns, and brassy gold hair colors. Choose a hair color with cooler undertones such as cool walnut browns or hues with ash or violet notes.

  * If your skin is pale but warm, go for butterscotch, honey, and amber shades.  If your skin is pale but cool,  try icy blondes, ash tones, platinum & champagne shades, and mocha or icy browns.

  * If your complexion is dark, choose a hair color that is darker or lighter than your skin color. Deep brunettes and dark almost black Espresso colors look amazing next to dark skin tones as well as lighter shades that provide a dramatic contrast.  Lighter Asian skin colors look fabulous with darker hair color as well.


After getting the color of your dreams, the last thing that you want is to have it fade prematurely.    A few simple tips can keep your color looking vibrant and true to tone long after you leave the salon.

•    First, choose a color-safe, preferably sulfate-free, shampoo and conditioner.   This will help to seal your color and prevent fading.   Harsh shampoos can strip the color pigment as well as precious moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, dull, and void of shine.  Gentle shampoos like L'oreal Vitamino Color protect your color and leave your locks feeling soft and silky.
•    If possible, wash your hair every other day instead of daily.  Unless your hair is on the oily side, you can get away with less frequent washing, and this will keep your color looking vibrant for longer.  Dry shampoos are also fabulous for days when you do not shampoo but want to keep your hair looking fresh and clean.
•     If you are planning to be outside for any length of time, protect your hair from damaging sun rays with a scarf or hat. Just as it can fade your drapes and fabric, the sun can also fade your hair color.  


Need more color advice?  Visit our experts at iLLustria, and we'll be happy to share additional tips along with recommendations for color-safe products.



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