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Will a spray tan stain my clothing?

No.  This is one of the benefits of an organic color pigment.   Because our color pigment is botanically based and not a dye, it will not permanently stain your clothing and will wash out of any synthetic material.  In laboratory tests, tanning solutions on fabric were easier to remove than make-up and no pre-laundering treatments were required for removal. 


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 Will a spray tan give me sun protection? 
Our spray tan formulas do not contain any levels of sunscreen or sunblock.  You will need to apply an appropriate level of sunscreen before spending the day in the sun.  Your tan will not protect you from sunburn. 


Can I swim after receiving a spray tan?

We recommend waiting at least 48 hours before you swim in the pool or the ocean.  For best results, do not swim immediately after getting your tan.  Chlorine from the pool can cause your color to slightly fade.



How long will my color last?
Our formula is designed to give long-lasting results.  Normally, a tan will last for about a week with proper care and maintenance.  If you exfoliate your skin prior to your appointment and if you moisturize each day after your appointment, you will experience longer lasting results. You can deepen your tan by applying more of the tanning product after your first layer of color. 


spray tanWill my tan wash off?

Just like a tan from the sun, our spray tan will not wash off because of its new breakthrough formulation.  It will gradually fade just as any suntan does, which is why a weekly application is recommended to maintain your tan.   Do not be alarmed if you experience some color washing off in your initial shower. This is excess bronzer and it is expected to happen.  We do recommend, however, that you wait until the day after your tanning appointment to shower so that your tan will have adequate time to develop.


Can I get a spray tan and then tan in the sun or tanning bed?
We discovered using a spray tan along with the sun or with a tanning bed actually accelerates the process.  Stimulating the dark pigment of the skin, known as Melanin, accelerates any form of sun tanning. Our Milwaukee clients who wish to combine a spray tan with an additional sun tanning regimen will see quicker and more satisfying results than ever before.  We do recommend the use of sunscreen or sun block when tanning in the sun to protect against burning and harmful radiation.

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Are the tanning formula ingredients safe?
A spray tan is much safer for your skin that exposure to the sun for long hours.   The active ingredient in our tanning solution is  dihydroxyacetone (DHA).   DHA is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets, which reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create the darkening reaction or tan.    DHA does not produce a "real tan" by increasing the skin's melanin levels; it creates a bronzing effect by changing the color of the surface of the skin.

Our tanning solution is an organically based product that ensures a safe tan and promotes healthy skin.  There is no animal testing because our product contains no harmful ingredients that would have required extensive animal testing.


Can the tanning formula be applied to my face?

Yes.  Our formula has been dermatologist tested and is safe for your face as well as your entire body. 



How long will it take my tan to dry? 

Because the level of moisture in each skin type varies, drying time will also vary slightly.  In general, we have found that 20 minutes is sufficient time for your skin to dry after application.  Many of our Milwaukee spray tan clients choose to schedule their appointment several hours before going to bed to ensure that the product has dried completely.


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